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Friday, June 18, 2010


Hari ni nina nak share pasal 9 handphone terunik di dunia .Handphone ni maybe ada unik features or appearance.Kalau guna kat tempat kerja mesti korang leh jadi fames.Setengah dari handphone ni still dalam process mencuba(testing) so mungkin tak dipasarkan lagi.(dorang tengah wat experiment lg).SO,jom kita tengok 9 cell phone terunik di dunia.Bermula dengan handphone ke -9 terunik:

9. Vodafone 904SH: Cell Phone with Face Identification Feature

Bentuk and design tak brape unik.tapi boleh recognize user face.

Probably this is the most secure cell phone, because of the face identification feature(pencuri pon malas nak curi.haha). So cell phone can be programmed to recognize a user’s face and will remain locked so that the memory or the existing functions will not be accessible by others, until it recognizes the face of the cell phone users who have been programmed. You can also use the “Movement Sensor” that allows users to use your cell phone like Nintendo Wii sticks, especially with the game that can be interconnected with a similar type.

8. Samsung Serene: Elegant Cell phone
Sesuai untuk orang yang muka berminyak.pandai orang yang design.tapi cam tak friendly user je.

This cellphone is unique and specially designed by Bang & Olufsen. If you see this cellphone, its design was so unique: its screen is designed under the cellphone, and the button above it. Why under the screen? Because they think that in this way, the screen will not be greasy again, because of the user’s cheek. The minimalist design is very unique, there is no screen on the outside part ofthe cellphone , the circular formed button, and ring tones that are used and installed are designed not to rude ears, so the elegant impression would appear very clear.

7. Nokia Colores: Virtual Harddisk Cell phone

Dah macam bom je nina tengok.haha~

The concept of this tool is the ‘virtual’ harddisk, which will allow you to access important information and incorporate them into a single tool.The cellphone includes GPS, GPRS, recording devices that can transform sound into text, biometric scanner, even fingerprints recognition, 3G CDMA2000 1xEV-DO, Google Earth, and the structure of carbon fiber.

6. BenQ Qube Z2: Cube-shaped cellphones

macam handphone CSL je.

The keypad of this cell phone arranged vertically in two rows on the right side of the screen, navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen, and has many features: MP3 with lyrics display, voice recorder, FM radio and 3D surround sound. Existing memory is 60MB, which would be a lot of store images from the camera is 1.3 Megapixel, and even accepting additional memory from the SD card.

5. Dbtel M50: Similar to iPod

Macam payah je nak guna.

If you like iPod model, this cell phone will make you feel you’re holding the iPod. You can go through the phone menu, there are 4 buttons, answer calls, postpone action or end the call. Dial Pad is a way to detect your movements. Around the Dial Pad there is also 4 functions for music. Once you confirm the song you want, you can click the round button in the middle to play it.The displays are also not usual screen, the screen is touch screen, and you can activate the number keys with just one touch of the screen. This cell phone also has a 2.0 Megapixel camera, GPRS, USB, IrDA, and many more.

4. NOKIA SURV1: Water Resistant Cell Phone with Outdoor appearances

Nak letak dalam poket pon payah.tajam2.leh wat loket.hahaha

The concept for SURV1 is waterproof and strong frame for the cellphone. This cell phone is targeted for users who often spends more time in an outdoor atmosphere. This cell phone can even be used as a belt fastener, or a great necklace, and only use the touch screen without any buttons (except for emergencies). High-resolution screen scratch resistance that can also be used as a flashlight. As a supporter of outdoor activities, this cell phone is also equipped with GPS and an MP3 player.

3. Telson TWC 1150: Camera Watches Cell Phone

Dah macam jam ben10 je.Tak pon yang power rangger slalu guna nak bertukar.haha~

This camera watch cell phone weighs only 98 grams. Telson TWC 1150 has many unique features including loudspeaker, voice recorder and voice recognition capabilities. Batteries for these small items, capable of supporting the talks for 100 minutes, and can standby for 150 hours.Telson TWC 1150 is also equipped with a digital camera, can store 80 images that can be used as a phone book as well. Even in the phone book, it can be set by a specific flame color display according to the group of contact.

2. Hyundai MP-280: Perfume Cell phone

Oloh,cutenya butterfly kecik tu.Tapi sembur perfume sendiri sudah..hoho

For a woman and man that self-conscious with their body odor, Hyundai makes this cell phone, MP 280, a clam shell type phone with a tube of perfume. Once you open the phone to call or receive a phone, perfume will be sprayed. Once the jar of perfume had been discharged, you can recharge as well.MP-280 is also equipped with the syringe that you can fill yourself with your favorite perfume. Things like a butterfly in the middle of the cell phone is where you inject your perfume. 2 drops of concentrate will be sufficient for 8 hours. In addition to this perfume, this cell phone is also equipped with a cover panel that would make it appear more attractive for the consumer.

1. Nokia 888: Flexural Cell Phone

Macam tilam.boleh bawak pergi asrama sebab nanti warden tak boleh detect budak skola bawak handphone.hoho

You can do anything to your phone (in term of the shape), you can roll, you can also change the shape as you wish so that it will be more ergonomic. This cell phone is using liquid battery and using touch screen display.

sememangnya handphone2 ni memang unik.tapi,ada ke orang nak beli?Terlalu unik kadang-kadang buat benda jadi hodoh..hahaha~BTW,tahniah kepada nokia.handphone anda memang unik~

Note that some of those cell phone is still in the design phase